What da hell is da point of dis site?!?!

Well, first of all, do ya know when ya bored and you kinda SPAZ!>$>@?%<#?. Well, when I SPAZED#*$@($Y#$*, I ended up maki'n dis website.

Now, what am I gonna put on dis fantalistic website? Everything with no point. WARNING: dis website contains complete pointlessnesssssssssssssss

Okay! Lets get dis over with. I just wanted to say that if you like me then :D to you buddy!

end of final message

What da hell? Who are you? I'm in da middle of showing off, I mean, talking to my adoring fans, and you come and spoil it? INCONCEIVABLE!!!!!!

i see that you have been watching to much princess bride. Oh well, no matter. ACTIVATING GOBBLE CHICKEN PEANUT BUTTER %^#*#%@*^#%(#@%^#@(*%^#(*%#

What? I HATE peanut butter. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, BUD?

your worst nightmare

Oh, I see, I SEE. You think you can be all mean and scary. Well I-

Activating sleep mode. Reason: idiot blabbering on.



end of FINAL message.

THIS WEBSITE HAS BEEN DESTROYED BY MY -------------------------

Guess what word and you win a special prize?!?!?!

WARNING: Gobble Fart Inc. is not responsible for any form of injury, death of chicken burger that happened while eating this page.

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